One Goal, One Passion- Hunting Dogs

"Breeding High Quality Performance FOX RED Pointing Labradors"

Health guarantee


At Red Oak Labradors our puppies are:


~ Dew claws removed at 3-5 days

~ First vaccinations at 6 weeks old

~ Wormed at 4-6 weeks old

~ Vet checked at 7 weeks of age

~ Micro-chipped at 7 weeks of age

~ AKC Registration

~ Hips/ Eyes 28 month health guarantee

*Health, hip, eye Guarantee*


12 Month Health Guarantee:

~ If within the first 12 months of age your puppy dies or a life threatening birth defect is found through a licensed veterinarian, send all papers and diagnosis back to breeder. (Breeder does have a choice to get another opinion) Then the breeder will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value.


28 Month Hip/Eye Guarantee:

~ Provided puppy is x-rayed by a licensed veterinarian and evaluated by OFA between the age of 24 and 28 months of age.

~ The results of such x-rays must be reported to the breeders immediately along with copies of the x-rays and OFA-written report to be submitted to our veterinarian for verification.

~ OFA or PENNHIP shall be the sole judge regarding hip dysphasia.

~ CERF shall be the sole judge of hereditary eye problems. Eyes must be rejected by CERF.

~ The dog must not be used for breeding until x-rayed and approved by OFA and CERF. If dog has sired or whelped a litter, guarantee void.

~ The guarantee must be in original’s owner name, and is non- transferable to new owners if the dog is sold.

 *Replacement puppies*


~ If affected dog is returned to us, the breeders, you are entitled to only one replacement puppy of equal value.

~ If the owner wishes to keep the dog, you are entitled to 50% of the value paid for the affected dog to apply to the price of the replacement puppy when you are ready to bring a new puppy home.

~ In either case the AKC registration papers must be signed back to us, the breeders.

~ If you choose to keep the affected dog you must have a veterinarian letter stating the dog has been spayed/neutered.

~ All freight charges are to be paid by the owner for both the replacement dog as the dog being returned.

 *Sales agreement*


Breeders Agreement:

~ The Seller will register the litter with the American Kennel Club and provide the registration application to the buyer.

~ The seller guarantees that the puppy is in good health and disease-free on the date of transfer. However, the seller cannot guarantee that the puppy is parasite- free.

~ The seller guarantees that the puppy is free of life-threatening genetic defects to the best of his/her knowledge and does not make any guarantee as to size, coat, or fertility of the puppy.


Buyer's Agreement:

~ On the date of sale the buyer takes full responsibility and the breeder will not be held responsible for the death, illness or any incurred vet bills of the puppy due to improper care or treatment. Buyer is to make every effort to provide high quality  training, socialization, as well as provide any care your puppy/dog through out his life.

~ Annual veterinary checkups, including heartworm checks      

~ Keeping all immunizations current according to AVMA guidelines    

~ Administering heartworm preventive properly

~Providing adequate housing according to state law                    

~ Confining the animal in a fenced yard or kennel run--not to be confined on a rope or chain!